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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Camera: Pre has an extremely bright LED flash, definitely the best LED flash I've seen on a phone. iPhone does not have any sort of flash. iPhone 3GS has the movie mode but, honestly, the movies look like utter crap. I can just use my Canon SD890is for video and it will come out a million times better. Also, I have an Olympus E-3 for any serious photography, and I carry it everywhere with me; camera is just not something that I care about on my phone. But if it's going to have it, then it needs to definitely have a flash (screw autofocus, it's a joke). [[UPDATE 6/23/09: After further testing, the iPhone's color accuracy and noise levels on its camera do seem to be better than the Pre's, which has trouble with white balance and noise indoors in low light even with its flash. So I changed the vote to iPhone; I'd rather have decent color than a flash.]]
Winner: Pre Neither

Voice recording:
This was actually a very important feature to me. I wanted to have Voice Recording, with no limits, and good sound quality. Apple obviously caters to its musician and media customers, of which I am one; so, the sound quality of the recordings is phenomenal! I love it! Meanwhile the Pre does not have any sort of voice recording application. Major drawback, but not a dealbreaker.
Winner: iPhone

Voice dialing: The iPhone 3GS has it. It works well. It recognized all of the names I said to it, flawlessly. I was very impressed. If you are driving and need to dial, this would be an awesome feature. Of course, I am fairly adept at dialing with my hand while driving... this could kill me someday but... it could also kill you. Still, not a deal-breaker, but it definitely makes me wish that the iPhone was on a decent network.
Winner: iPhone

E-Mail: This is a major thing to me, and I do a lot of it. At first I thought the iPhone would kick the Pre's ass (at least for me), because I have a Mac, and I use OS X Mail. I imagined the iPhone would import all my mail exactly as it is organized in my OS X Mail program with all my rules and folders intact. But it doesn't! Actually, the Pre wins here because on the Pre it shows me convenient pop-up notifications whenever new e-mails arrive, lets me open multiple e-mails at the same time, I can switch between an e-mail I'm replying to and an e-mail I'm writing to reference text; there are smart-folders that let me see all my inboxes grouped together (I have five, so that is nice). Overall the Pre is a MUCH better e-mail utility.
Winner: Pre

Web browsing: The Pre is faster at loading pages both on 3G... by far. AT&T in my area sucks! On WiFi, they are both about the same. Both can have multiple browser pages open; the Pre wins in this though due to the quick switching between pages with a simple gesture. The iPhone browser however has better text rendering often times, but not consistently. Text entry in fields is much better in the iPhone browser, due to auto-scrolling and the wide keyboard, and since I do a lot of that, this actually makes up for the other aspects. Still, even though it's better, there are annoying issues with text entry on the iPhone during the wide keyboard mode because the keyboard takes up 85% of the screen leaving such a small area for text that it's difficult to select large blocks without rotating (which requires hiding the keyboard again). Ultimately neither has a superior browser software-wise, but due to the network superiority of Sprint then I give the edge to the Pre. Otherwise it would be a tie.
Winner: Pre

I will post more comparisons as they come...


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