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Saturday, June 20, 2009

I'm getting between 700 kb/sec-1.5 mb/sec with the Pre .. over the EV network. My best was 1.47 mb/sec and that was while receiving a text message! Usually it was in the 900 kb/sec - 1.3 mb/sec range... very respectable for a cell network if you ask me. More importantly the ping seems very quick; clicking through links on websites is rather snappy and the whole thing just seems to work quite well, other than the fact that the auto-rotation is really sub-par and often it gets stuck and I have to shake the unit. But this does not happen super often.

Currently I have both the Pre and the iPhone 3GS. Browsing websites is MUCH MUCH faster on the Pre... it's not even close. CNET's test proved this as well. The voice quality on Pre is excellent too.. and once I followed the steps recommended by other posters, my battery life is MUCH better than at first when I had five e-mail accounts checking constantly and background data collection going.

I did the same tests on the 3GS and here was the results I got (with 5 bars of 3G in Portland, OR): 237 kb/sec, 165 kb/sec, 292 kb/sec, 143 kb/sec... crappy!! WTH? The Pre kicks its butt... bad!

ESPN for example loads much quicker on the Pre.

Also I get MUCH better reception inside of buildings.. where I work, the iPhone does not get ANY reception (can't even make a phone call!). AT&T's network is just crappy, it seems; I don't think it's the iPhone's fault.

What about Wi-Fi? The Pre is giving me between 5 - 8 mb/sec over wifi on the 3MB test on (and I liked that i was able to turn wifi on without exiting the browser or even minimizing the browser window, and it automatically recognized and connected to my home network once I had turned it on... nice!). Meanwhile the iPhone 3GS is giving me only around 400-2500 kb/sec over the exact same wifi connection... horrible!


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