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Saturday, September 01, 2007

Now I have made the leap to Intel. The latest issue I have had is with the overall performance and stability of Mac OS X, especially when running the 3D program, Second Life. The system crashes utterly, requiring a hardware reboot.

Also this led me to install Vista, which honestly runs faster and is more stable than the Mac. I never thought the day would come when I'd say this, but Windows runs better on my Mac, than the Mac OS itself.

I posted about it in these threads:

And, I e-mailed Steve Jobs about it, since the bug reports to Apple I've been submitting have not resulted in any fixes.

I'd just like to say that there are still many things about the Mac OS that are far better than Vista: Expose, integrated spell-checking, Unix-based, Mail, System Preferences, Spotlight, and the Dock. I personally don't care much for the iApps, but that's mainly because I am more of a professional-type user, and I prefer things like Adobe Bridge to iPhoto; Final Cut Pro to iMovie.

And I hate the way the iApps "organize" things for you, leaving weird thumbnail files, renaming your files, moving stuff around from the logical places that you had put them into strange and oddly named folders, etc. Why does iPhoto need to rearrange all my files in order to function? Why can't it just browse what's already on my HD? I already had several thousand digital pictures when iPhoto came out, all meticulously organized and named. Why would I want to have them all reorganized? Same with my MP3s. Also I didn't like that the iApps (and even pro apps) killed certain third-party programs, but I guess that's just life.

Even still, I would never voluntarily switch to Vista. Yet here I am in Vista, writing this to you because OS X crashed while running Second Life and I had to reboot. Now excuse me, while I go get some actual work done on an OS that does not crash all the time, and actually runs like it was made for the hardware I own.



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