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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Steve Jobs also killed the Mac "clone" industry when he first took over, and subsequently, Apple is the only maker of Mac-compatible computers. Then, Apple started bundling video editing software, MP3-playing software, photo-management software, and even now, full trial versions of a word processor and spreadsheet.

Needless to say, good third-party video editing software like Radius EditDV went the way of the dodo bird -- and sadly, too, because it was a much better program than iMovie ever was!! Third-party MP3 software like Audion and SoundjamMP, which were always better than iTunes, also disappeared. And as for photo-management programs, iPhoto sucks so bad that there's still a decent market for things like iView Media Pro, Adobe Bridge, and GraphicConverter... programs that don't rape your file libraries by composing them into incomprehensible nests of oddly numbered folders on your hard drive, filled with both thumbnails, originals, and edits in separate folders, tied to a proprietary "library" file that if corrupted or lost can ruin your entire structure rendering it impossible to ever find a picture again.

Apple's use of its Mac monopoly to force the "iTunes-ization" of everything not only flies in the face of everything that ever was truly "Mac," in the sense of the original Macintosh interface, but also flies in the face of the anti-Microsoftian attitude that once prevailed among Mac users. But then again, they also assemble their computers in China now, and trashed the wonderful Newton MessagePad 2100 (which still goes on eBay for $250!).

Apple needs to cough up some Kool-Aid and get back to true innovation.


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