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Monday, March 10, 2014

No Thanks for iOS 7.1

Great, they made the button to answer calls smaller, so it's even harder to press while driving. Thanks, Apple. Thanks for not fixing the fact that in the app-switching screen, if the tiles are moving, you can't swipe up on them. Thanks for not fixing the fact that all the interface customizability options are buried deep inside the "Accessibility" options, as if you must be handicapped or retarded if you want to change how the thing looks and feels. Thanks for not adding a night mode, just insulting us with a "less bright" white mode. Give me a break. This is a slap in the face.

Way to show you were wrong in the first place by adding back button outlines. Either you were right, and buttons don't need outlines, or you were wrong, and they do, and it was a waste of time to remove them pointlessly in the first place. Protip: you were wrong.

I sure hope you fixed the crashing of WebKit-based browsers in apps, like Safari and FaceBook and Mail and everything else, where right when I want to watch a crucial video or browse to a crucial page, the app randomly quits and when I re-open it, the page I was at is not there (though the other 15 browser tabs still have THEIR pages). I sure hope you fixed the fact that when I plug in my car stereo to my headphone port, the phone switches my phone calls to the headphone jack instead of my bluetooth, even though my car stereo does not have a mic, and is turned off when I make calls.

I sure hope you fixed the fact that the App Store has no way to search for apps by what country they were made in, or when they originally came out, or how much (or little) they cost, but that we're forced to sift through apps like idiots with the worst search filtering system I've ever used in my entire f(*&ing life.

Thanks for making the best product simultaneously the worst product and wasting countless hours of your developers' time changing around icons that were already ugly (and still are) instead of fixing interface flaws, the App Store, iTunes store, or the fact that Podcasts ALWAYS asks me if I want to turn Cellular Data on -- even though I *do* have it turned on, AND I have unlimited data!


PS -- I sure hope you added WiFi calling, because after months of trying I had finally convinced my boss to get an iPhone 5S. But when he took it home to his place in the boondocks, he couldn't get any reception. So he switched back to Android, because he can get phone service over WiFi with his Galaxy S4 on T-Mobile. I sure hope you are actually interested in implementing features that will save customers, and not just stuff that will stroke Johnny Ive's already over-inflated ego an sense of self-importance.

Friday, March 07, 2014

Find Any File

Thomas Tempelmann's Find Any File is an awesome file-finding utility that does not rely on Apple's annoying Spotlight technology. Instead it uses unix's find command that is built into OS X. It can even search your bootcamp drive and you don't have to read a confusing man-page!