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Monday, May 12, 2014

Safari Annoyances

Visit a page (lets call it Page X). Two weeks later, view its tab (Tab X) and read it for an hour. Then click a link on that page—a link pointing to Page Y. This causes Tab X to now display Page Y. Now you thought that it opened in a new tab so you close the tab—then you realize that it actually had not opened in a new tab. How do you now get back to Page X? It is not in your recent History because it will only appear in the point of your History's timeline when you originally navigated to it two weeks ago... nevermind that you just spent an hour today reading Page X! Ugh now I have to sift through weeks of history to find that.

Worse, the page is like this one so even if you find it, good luck remembering which section of that page you were viewing.

Solution: History should make Page X float to the top if I just looked at Page X (but still remember also when I first went to it, where I came from, and where I left to). It should also remember where on Page X I last was as part of the history—perhaps even remembering the series of scrolling actions I've taken on that page as part of my history at it.


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