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Friday, March 07, 2008

Today I lament the slow devolution of text clippings, a great Mac OS feature that originally debuted in 7.5 as I recall (or was it 8.0?). I remember text clippings best from Mac OS 8.6, which was my favorite MacOS version of all time. But in OS X, while they are supported partially, text clippings seem to be dying.

Text clippings worked like this. You could select text from any app, then drag it to the desktop and it would make a little file called a "text clipping." What a beautiful concept: any little bit of information that was useful/wanted could be saved in this manner. Whether it be a news story, a joke, an address or phone number, whatever. It was great. Insanely great, even... to use the ever-so-true cliché.

But now, in Safari under Leopard (Mac OS X 10.5), you cannot create a text clipping to the desktop. OMGWTFBBQ... ...

Again, WTF?

What is with Apple ditching its own best ideas? Text clippings are nothing short of awesome. Yet instead of improving them -- such as adding full RTF and HTML support -- they have devolved out of support from Apple's main apps.

Well, the Camino browser still supports them, at least.

Anyway that's my thought for the day.